It was so black outside that some of our members turned back thinking there was no possible way for us to still be there. I began to pray, “Lord just as you stilled that storm 2000 years ago,  You can still this storm here and now. We want to glorify You. Thank You for what You are about to do, In Jesus name, Amen.” And just like that we watched the storm clouds roll away, but not everywhere only over us under the little pavilion. The sun’s ray shone down on us with the brightness of His soon coming and we continued to worship. All around us was complete darkness and rain, but the sun continued to shine on us. I was able to use this illustration to share about the storms of life and how God stilled this storm tonight, He can still every storm in your life as well. Those that were there were in complete awe to see the awesome power of God, as well as myself. It gave us such a feeling of reverence for a God who could still a storm 2000 years ago and would do it again to reach a few homeless people with the extravagance of His love for them. I don't think I had ever experienced up to this point, such a rapid response to prayer and such a radical outpouring of God's love for His little band of fledglings.

I had no idea how much I would have to cling to that miracle over the next several months. God knew I would need that miracle to hold on to so He as a loving Heavenly Father sent it. For eight long months we prayed for a place to feed and worship with the homeless. We wanted to feed the poor as well. They generally were not on the beach, so we continued to pray for a place to feed the poor and down and out in our city.

Every week that we didn’t have a band we would load up our car with the food and the TV Monitor, V.C.R., microphones, and Bibles and meet to set it up under the pavilion and then when we were finished tear it down and start all over again the next weekend.

Both of us had experienced being down and out and recognized that our puny little effort of feeding one day a week on a beach did nothing to help stamp out hunger. We longed to have a program that would feed 7 days a week, so we continued to pray that God would use us in whatever way He deemed to accomplish this.


Gentle Dan


We met Gentle Dan (others called him Skinny Dan) behind the Amoco Station when we would feed the homeless there. He was one of my favorites.  He seemed to be the paternal figure there, always taking care of the other homeless. After feeding them there for a while I shared with Dan how we were going to be on vacation for awhile, however a group of youth wanted to feed the homeless and do a little program for them. This particular weekend Dan ended up in the hospital because he had fallen off of his bike and hurt his shoulder. He knew the youth were coming and I had depended on him to set everything up for them and make sure the place was clean for them. Dan signed himself out of the hospital because he had a little matter to take care of. So with sling in hand he made sure everything was set up for my kids.




I met Teresa behind the Amoco Station. She was just like Mother Teresa to me. She poured out her heart and soul for the homeless. She would use her van to bring them places including the beach when we were feeding on it.


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